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PF2 Magic Weapons and Armor?

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 3:45 pm
by mikem91
Every time I've read this, my eyes either roll back into my head or I come to different conclusions.

Is there a short summary on how to price a sword with a +1 potency rune (or armor with +1 rune or whatever)?

Do you buy the item, then buy the rune, then use crafting/downtime or hire someone or have another player do the crafting to attach the rune and then have a secret roll with a GM? I'm just not getting it and it seems horribly and perhaps overly complex.

Also, similar question for talismans? do i just do a secret crafting roll with a GM to attach it after buying it?

What should the DC be? Any guidance there?

And then, what about upgrading runes? similar question though, do we need to go through the upgrade process on core 582 including the feat and skill requirements and roll with a GM?

Or just buy basic magic weapons (core 600), sturdy shields (core 588), magic armor (core 556)? pay the difference to upgrade? but then, how do i buy say +1 potency mitral armor?

characters with cash want to know :)